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Verified Purchase

I used my Starscope Monocular on a group vacation and was blown away by the pictures I took. I was able to see further and clearer with just my Starscope. Everyone tried it and wanted to buy one!

Joanna T.
Portland, OR

Verified Purchase

My photography professor clued me in on this lens! It’s small, but the quality is so high it takes better photos than my DLSR. I just put this in my bag wherever I go, and I can use my iPhone for amazing pictures!

Ellen M.
Boston, MA

Verified Purchase

I used to carry all my bulky, heavy camera gear with me on trips. I was afraid to leave them in my hotel room because they might get stolen. Now I take the Starscope Monocular with me, and I carry everything in my pocket!

Jack C.
New York, NY

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  • The StarScope Monocular is designed to work with nearly any iOS or Android model for your convenience. It’s easy to attach and you’ll love the results.

  • Yes, the StarScope Monocular is a fully functional telescopic lens! You can hold it up to your eye and see things miles away as if you were right beside them!

  • The lens is made of real, high-quality optical glass. The lens is multi-coated just like the most expensive camera lenses, to give you super-clear images.

  • Yes, it is extremely drop resistant and is covered with a non-skid, protective coating. You can use it safely even under extreme conditions!

  • - StarScope Monocular (with integrated front lens cap)
    - Carrying strap
    - Microfibre cloth
    - Lens cap

  • This is a pre-order product because the supply chain and logistics are currently disrupted.


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